• Alexandra Maye, BA, RN

Don’t Block Your Blessings! - It May Not Come in the Package You Expect.

When initially offered the opportunity to apply for a new nursing position, I immediately said, “No, thanks! I don’t want to hurt my managers feelings by leaving. But thank you!” (I’m truly laughing out loud thinking about my quick, firm, and confident response). The offer came so unexpectedly that I guess that was just me knee-jerk reaction. This new position would offer me the opportunity to increase my knowledge, gain a new set of skills, and grow within the specialty of cardiology (a specialty that I’ve been falling more and more in love with). And here I was saying a firm “no” before even truly thinking about it.

I’m so thankful for my mentors, friends, and family who were all ears when speaking to them about this new position. The overwhelming response was, “Alex, go for it”. Although I knew it was a great opportunity, I had a fear of the unknown and comfortability in my current routine that was temporarily stopping me from moving forward.

Over the past year I have become very comfortable with my 3-12 hour shifts and 4 days off routine. (Although sometimes it really ends up being a 13-14 hour day depending on if I am precepting or handling a rapid response near the end of a shift). At first I didn’t want to leave was used to behind.

After two days of intense prayer and counsel, I realized that if I kept a stagnant mind state I would never progress and grow as a nurse in my skill set and knowledge. I decided to go all in and embrace this new opportunity. I approached the interview process with an open heart, researched the position, and put my best foot forward. I even purchased two new textbooks to help give me a foundation and prepare me for the interview. I had a successful interview and was informed of my hiring a few weeks later. I’m blessed for this new opportunity and even more blessed to have had a support system who stuck by me and consistently nurture my growth. I’m happy that I didn’t let fear of the unknown and myself stop me from saying yes.

So for all of you out there, keep an open mind when different opportunities present themselves. It may not come in the package you had expected or prayed for, but it may be exactly what you need in this season.

Growth is not comfortable and getting comfortable in a monotonous routine may be hindering you from fulfilling your dreams and your purpose.

Oh and the worries about hurting my managers feelings? Well her response when I told her about submitting an application to the position was, “Alex I had to leave somewhere to get where I am now. It would be unfair for me to stunt your growth or make you feel bad for seeking an opportunity to grow”.

A good manager/person/partner/friend, someone who is genuine about your growth, will NOT make you feel bad for wanting to get better and do better...

So thank you to my tribe and support system (Mom, Grammy, my Aunties, Alex, Chelsea, Patty, Linesisters, Gina A., and all those who constantly send their prayers and well wishes) for truly being honest with me, supporting my growth, and reminding me of my light when I forget it's shining. So cheers to growth, starting a new position, and keeping an open-mind. I’m excited about what’s to come!

Oh and say hello to your new Interventional Cardiac Registered Nurse - Cardiac Catheterization Lab ... here I come!

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