• Alexandra Maye, BA, RN

eaRNed, Not Given.

Earned, Not Given. This is the title for my current chapter of life. As I reflect on my 1 year 6 month journey as a working nurse I have so much gratitude for my growth and accomplishments in such a short time frame. Beginning my career on a observation unit allowed me to see patients of many disease processes, heart conditions, neurological conditions, and age ranges. It exposed me to almost all the layers of nursing and allowed me to really hone my assessment skills. As fate would have it, caring for cardiac (heart patients) led me to fall in love with all things heart related. I find great enjoyment in learning about heart rhythms, analyzing troponin levels, and quickly assessing and taking care of STEMI and NSTEMI patients.

As new opportunities find their way to my world, I remind myself that this is not just by luck. I have worked and continue to work hard to become a better nurse and person each and everyday. I prepare for each day on the unit with a fresh headspace (yay to meditation). I have an open and inquiring mind to ask questions on topics or procedures I don’t understand. As the physicians read over echocardiogram, MRIs, cardiac catheterization, and stress tests results, I ask questions to better understand what they are looking for and gain knowledge on how to interpret an initially abstract screen. I truly enjoy learning and thank God everyday that He blessed and prepared my nursing/life path.

I’m getting better at shaking those feelings of imposter syndrome, droning out the words of the nay-sayers, the “oh I could do that do too if I wanted to” people, and say to myself... “Girl, this is EARNED, not Given”. I’m walking in my light and have no regrets❤️

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